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"'92 is a chance to reacquaint you with my sound. Inspired by new experiences in all worldly and {other}worldly realms; reminiscent rhythms have been sent from the ancestors and deep desires realized. This LP represents the playful, emotional nature of my existence as well as the becomings of all that is yet to come. Thanks for your time, your open ear, your open heart <3"

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"Commanding a wide spectrum of emotions, megiapa uses her palette to paint scenes of the upper regions of space with crisp lines and deep, warm colors."
- @hippoq 
✨THIS WEEKEND✨ Me n my bro _4am4am4am4am


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🌸 I decided to put a few words to my @highriskcollective compilation beat! Not sure how y'all are making it through your weeks—thru the politics, the hardship, the insane & at times, the monotonous mundane.

Writing this helped me keep my things in frame— stay humble, helpful, confident, kind, mindful, resilient & all the sweet things in between.



got it!

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